The owners and management at John Jones Services have extensive backgrounds in the military catering industry. With years of collective experience, JJS is able to set a high standard for excellence, and is working to increase their service capabilities as the company continues to grow.

JJS primarily focuses on serving the Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Soldiers at Fort Lee. These solders arrive following the completion of basic training. Additionally, JJS works to coordinate and cater to special events held at Fort Lee including General luncheons and visits from political figures.

Below you’ll find more information about JJS President John Jones and partner Joe Blackstone, President of Blackstone Consulting, Inc.

John Jones

CEO, John Jones Services

Joe Blackstone

JJS Partner & President, BCI

John Jones has been the Fort Lee Contract Manager since April 2001. Working with the Contracting Officer and Food Program Manager, John ensures compliance with the terms of his Fort Lee Contract and prepares for upcoming events in the Dining Facilities. The 75,000 square foot facility is the 2nd largest in the Army, hosting over 18,000 war fighters every day between four facilities.

John Jones Services has been the Northeast Regional recipient of the Army’s highest dining recognition, The Phillip A. Connelly Award.

“Feeding the Armed Forces is the most rewarding job I can imagine, a true honor to see the happy faces of our military. I have the best partner in the business, Blackstone Consulting, Inc. (BCI). They have over 20 military contracts across the country. I have known Joe Blackstone since 2003, and look forward to our new team, John Jones Services and BCI.”

Blackstone Consulting, Inc. (BCI) was founded in 1991 by its company president, Joe Blackstone. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, BCI has grown exponentially, expanding their reach across the country, even into Alaska and Hawaii.

Today, BCI serves over 60,000 meals to members of the Department of Defense, including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Homeland Security (Coast Guard), commercial customers, and retail food service operations.

BCI has been recognized for multiple food service excellence awards, including the prestigious Ney Award (best dining facility in the Navy or Coast Guard), the Phillip A. Connelly Award (best dining facility in the Army), and the LeMay Award for the Air Force (best customer service in the Air Force).